Vertical Shock is not just for high activity users. All 
amputees can benefit from reduced forces inside the socket.
Climb higher with confidence.
Concentrate on your shot instead of keeping your balance.
Performance and comfort for low and high activity users.
Independent heel and forefoot movement.

The TaiLor Made™ Prosthetic Foot Puts The User And Prosthetists Back In Control. PDAC Approved! (L5987). See it in action on our YouTube channel!

Unlike traditional pre-assembled shank foot systems with vertical loading pylons, the TaiLor Made combines dynamic energy return with vertical shock absorption. This unique combination enables independent heel and forefoot movement to provide shock absorption, ankle motion, and ground traction. The result is excellent control, comfort and stability, making the TaiLor Made a great choice for users of all abilities.  Vertical shock is not just for high activity users. All amputees can benefit from reduced forces inside the socket. The innovative design of the control hub makes in-clinic customization and optimization to user preference easy!

Dan (bilateral BK), Retired Policeman and Avid Golfer:

“I have been an amputee for nineteen years now and have tried numerous feet. The TaiLor Made feet are by far the best feet I have walked on!  As an avid golfer I always had stability issues with side hill lies – they are no longer an issue. I feel as if the whole foot is in constant contact with the ground. Even walking across pavers seems easier; I don’t feel like I am being tossed around on uneven surfaces anymore.

The TaiLor Made™ foot delivers a bold sense of independence from the status quo.

The Control Hub™

Quickly and securely assembles the heel, forefoot and spring set, making in-clinic customization and optimization easy.

Independent Motion

Independent heel and forefoot movement results in shock absorption, ankle motion, and ground traction for excellent stability.

Shock Springs

Internal shock spring set comes in varying stiffness to provide vertical travel and push off performance customized for each user’s comfort.