TLM Vertical Shock Foot

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How Does it Work?

The Control Hub™ is the central housing piece that is used to quickly and securely assemble the (1) heel, (2) forefoot, and (3) vertical shock spring package. This design provides exciting benefits from both a clinical and business perspective. 

Key clinical performance benefits

The CThe design allows the j-shaped heel and forefoot to move independently, gliding against each other vertically. At initial contact (heel strike), the heel compresses the vertical shock spring package contained proximally within the Control Hub. This compression provides shock absorption and allows the forefoot to come into contact with the ground earlier so that it can provide a stable base of support. As the user moves through the gait cycle, the springs decompress providing push off and aiding a natural tibial progression. The result is a stable, energy efficient, and very comfortable gait for the user.

Key business benefits

The Control Hub makes it simple to assemble and change out the foot’s subcomponents as needed in the following scenarios. This results in improved business efficiency and increased patient satisfaction.

  • Initial fitting: Optimize performance by trialing different spring, keel, and forefoot stiffnesses so you can select the combination that works best for each individual.
  • Pediatric growth: Increase the overall size of the foot for a growing child by periodically fitting a longer forefoot.
  • Repairs: For instance, if the heel delaminates, order a replacement heel rather than an entirely new foot.