Brett, BK

Brett got in a good workout while testing a his socket. The TaiLor Made Prosthetics foot allows him to push into the ground with the same force and receive same (or better) kickback as he gets on his other foot. Brett has recenty moved to Colorado from his life-long home in California in order to train for the paralympics. He has a great testimony; check it out in his recent book, “Standing My Own Ground – Getting Up When it Seems Impossible,” available on Amazon.

Tyler, BK Amputee, Takes His TaiLor Made Foot to the Tennessee Mountains

Tyler put his new TaiLor Made prosthetic foot to the test in the Tennessee mountains last weekend. He gives it a thumbs up for performance, stability and comfort!

TaiLor Made Foot Enables Ryanne to Walk Down Stairs with Control!

Ryanne was able to walk down stairs foot over foot for the first time EVER! “The TaiLor Made feet made it easy for me to stay stable on the steps,” Ryanne, who’s been missing her legs since birth, explained. “I thought I needed microprocessors to do that (she wears Össur Total Knees); it’s so exciting!”

Denise, BK Amputee

Denise loved the comfort and energy of the TaiLor Made foot from the moment she first walked on it. “It feels like I have an ankle!” she exclaimed. Denise’s daughter, Nicole, noticed right away that she had more spring in her step. “Hey, mom,” she said, “let’s run!” It was fun watching this mother/daughter moment as Nicole *coaxed* her mom into attempting to jog for the first time since losing her leg.

Update on Dana, Hip Disarticulate Amputee

Dana, who was an avid runner before her hip-disarticulate amputation, recently completed her first 5K on a prosthetic leg. She’s determined to get back as much mobility as possible, and says her TaiLor Made foot has made a huge improvement in her confidence, stability and energy while walking.

Feedback on TLM prosthetic foot from Eric S. Eisenberg, MS, CPO: “We have had great results!”

“I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how impressed we at BioTech Limb and Brace are with the TaiLor Made foot. Recently, we put it on three bilateral transtibial amputees who previously walked using handheld assistance. These patients, when provided with the TaiLor Made feet, felt confident enough to walk unassisted! If this was one patient we would believe it was something other than the feet. However, when you see the same results on three different bilateral patients, you have to really believe in the ground compliance of the feet. We have had great results with unilateral patients as well, but these three cases have made us believers in TaiLor Made!”

Here’s an example of bilateral transtibial amputee walking on TaiLor Made prosthetic feet (photo and video examples provided by TaiLor Made, not practitioner):

Maria (AK)

Maria lost one leg above the knee and suffered damage to the other in 2003 as a result of the El Nogal Club bombing terrorist attack that occurred in Bogotá, Colombia. At the time she was 12 years old. Maria’s parents were both killed in the blast. She made a full recovery and now, at age 27, with a cosmetic cover on her prosthesis (C-leg) her gait is so good it is impossible to tell she is an amputee. For workout activities, Maria would use a Total Knee, but switch back to her C-Leg for everything else. That was until we put the TaiLor Made foot on it! After walking, running, descending stairs and ramps and walking on uneven terrain, Maria exclaimed, “This is incredible! I don’t normally like this leg (knee) for walking, but now it’s very smooth!”