Jack (AK)

Walking on this foot brings to my mind a pillow-topped firm mattress. The foot provides firm support and security, yet at the same time it “walks soft” and is very responsive – the way I like it. There are not many prosthetic feet that I have not tried and this is the foot for me.

Karen (AK)

The first time I tried the TaiLor Made I felt like I was in control of my foot for the first time since my amputation, 40+ years ago! It feels stable on ramps and uneven terrain. The unique movement of the foot allows me to walk naturally with confidence and ease!

Joseph (BK)

“Thank you for helping me stand up and go for it again. I guess all I needed was a TaiLor Made Foot and a Pair of P.F. Flyers Hi-Tops. Now I can Run faster and jump Higher! This picture was Taken 3.20.15 at the Blue Angels Flight Demonstration at the Melbourne Air & Space Show after a ½ mile walk to the Parking Lot. It was hot out there today I would say NO SWEAT! Thank you once again! P.S.: NEXT, Mambo Lessons!”