Dana (Hip Disarticulate)

Dana was unable to walk without crutches or for long periods of time in her previous socket/foot system. She can now walk with comfort and stability since she was fit with a better-fitting prosthesis and the TaiLor Made prosthetic foot. “I can feel the foot flex and then plant itself on the ground,” explains Dana. “I know where it is and what it is doing, and don’t have that feeling of being pushed forward. It works like a real foot!”

Louise (AK)

Louise was so happy with the stability and natural movement of her TaiLor Made foot that she gave us a “video review” so she could share her enthusiasm with others. 🙂 After 7 years on crutches, this former teacher has now transitioned to one crutch, and is confident she will be able to walk without any aids in the near future! Louise gets our *Most Enthusiastic Reviewer* award! #TeamLouise