Brett, BK

Brett got in a good workout while testing a his socket. The TaiLor Made Prosthetics foot allows him to push into the ground with the same force and receive same (or better) kickback as he gets on his other foot. Brett has recenty moved to Colorado from his life-long home in California in order to train for the paralympics. He has a great testimony; check it out in his recent book, “Standing My Own Ground – Getting Up When it Seems Impossible,” available on Amazon.

Tyler, BK Amputee, Takes His TaiLor Made Foot to the Tennessee Mountains

Tyler put his new TaiLor Made prosthetic foot to the test in the Tennessee mountains last weekend. He gives it a thumbs up for performance, stability and comfort!

TaiLor Made Foot Enables Ryanne to Walk Down Stairs with Control!

Ryanne was able to walk down stairs foot over foot for the first time EVER! “The TaiLor Made feet made it easy for me to stay stable on the steps,” Ryanne, who’s been missing her legs since birth, explained. “I thought I needed microprocessors to do that (she wears Össur Total Knees); it’s so exciting!”