Lewis (BK)

“Today I was fitted with a new prosthetic leg. I’m a BK amputee from a congenital defect. Dagny Laur from American Limb and Orthopedic of Valparaiso thought I would be a good candidate for the new Tailor Made foot. There was a question that I might not be able to use it due to the stump length but we tried it and the fit was fantastic, and the motion? Well, for the first time in my life I walked so smoothly without effort. Before I’ve always felt like my foot/ankle was like a brick. Very little motion, so I’ve always had to adjust my gait to compensate for it. I’ve always walked well and unless someone knows me they don’t know I have a prosthetic leg. Well now, I’ll be able to fool everyone even more! It took me all of 10 minutes of constant walking in the lab to adjust to the difference. I pick up the final product on June 26th and I cannot wait! I look forward to a life long association with your company. Thank you so much!!”