Maggi, Bilateral BK

Stan Patterson, CP, uses video gait analysis to explain to Maggi how the design of the TaiLor Made prosthetic foot allows it to provide energy and stability in every step – whether walking forward or backward.

Regas & Harvey, Bilateral AK

Paralympian athlete Regas Wood gave Harvey Parry some tips on making safe and smooth turns while walking before Harvey headed home to England today. Both of them wear TaiLor Made prosthetic feet. The design of this foot enables independent heel and forefoot movement to provide shock absorption, ankle motion, and ground traction for excellent stability without compromising energy return. This is especially important for bilateral above knee amputees, as it allows them to walk with control and confidence.

Ryanne, Bilateral AK

Ryanne, a congenital bilateral AK amputee, has been wearing TaiLor Made prosthetic feet for about two years. She says they have been a real gamechanger for her. “I am able to walk and stop more smoothly,” Ryanne explains, “especially outside on different terrians.”

Kim, AK Amputee, On TaiLor Made Prosthetic Foot

In the two years since Kim received her first TaiLor Made prosthetic foot, she has increased her activity level and shed 12 pounds of weight. She is looking forward to going hiking with her family this summer. “It’s really been life changing as I’m now able to take part in activities with my kids, not just watch from the sidelines,” explains Kim. “It adjusts so easily from flat to uneven surfaces, and allows me to stay steady and under control no matter what the terrain.”

Kris – PFFD Amputee (Never walked before!)

Kris was born with PFFD, a congenital limb deficiency. An attempt to fit him with a prosthesis at an early age was unsuccessful; his family was told he was a difficult fit, and they never sought a second opinion. He grew up playing sports like wheelchair basketball and participating in other activities which kept him fit. He finished school and moved from Houston to Tampa, where he is currently working two jobs. Steve Chamberland of 50 was introduced to Kris and immediately saw his potential. “I can’t believe you’ve never walked! That’s crazy!,” Steve exclaimed. So 50legs made arrangements to bring Kris, who is now 25 years old, to Orlando to get him walking for the first time – ever! After just 3 days he took his first tentative steps (on his TaiLor Made foot!) in the bars and then just took off! Walking unassisted, making a good attempt at the rock wall, walking down stairs foot over foot and blowing us all away! We are so excited for this awesome young man and the new world that has opened up for him.

Brett, BK

Brett got in a good workout while testing a his socket. The TaiLor Made Prosthetics foot allows him to push into the ground with the same force and receive same (or better) kickback as he gets on his other foot. Brett has recenty moved to Colorado from his life-long home in California in order to train for the paralympics. He has a great testimony; check it out in his recent book, “Standing My Own Ground – Getting Up When it Seems Impossible,” available on Amazon.

Denise, BK Amputee

Denise loved the comfort and energy of the TaiLor Made foot from the moment she first walked on it. “It feels like I have an ankle!” she exclaimed. Denise’s daughter, Nicole, noticed right away that she had more spring in her step. “Hey, mom,” she said, “let’s run!” It was fun watching this mother/daughter moment as Nicole *coaxed* her mom into attempting to jog for the first time since losing her leg.