Feedback on TLM prosthetic foot from Eric S. Eisenberg, MS, CPO: “We have had great results!”

“I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how impressed we at BioTech Limb and Brace are with the TaiLor Made foot. Recently, we put it on three bilateral transtibial amputees who previously walked using handheld assistance. These patients, when provided with the TaiLor Made feet, felt confident enough to walk unassisted! If this was one patient we would believe it was something other than the feet. However, when you see the same results on three different bilateral patients, you have to really believe in the ground compliance of the feet. We have had great results with unilateral patients as well, but these three cases have made us believers in TaiLor Made!”

Here’s an example of bilateral transtibial amputee walking on TaiLor Made prosthetic feet (photo and video examples provided by TaiLor Made, not practitioner):

Maria (AK)

Maria lost one leg above the knee and suffered damage to the other in 2003 as a result of the El Nogal Club bombing terrorist attack that occurred in Bogotá, Colombia. At the time she was 12 years old. Maria’s parents were both killed in the blast. She made a full recovery and now, at age 27, with a cosmetic cover on her prosthesis (C-leg) her gait is so good it is impossible to tell she is an amputee. For workout activities, Maria would use a Total Knee, but switch back to her C-Leg for everything else. That was until we put the TaiLor Made foot on it! After walking, running, descending stairs and ramps and walking on uneven terrain, Maria exclaimed, “This is incredible! I don’t normally like this leg (knee) for walking, but now it’s very smooth!”

Jeff Bauman (bilateral AK)

Jeff showed off his TaiLor Made prosthetic feet on the red carpet with Jake Gyllenhaal, who plays Bauman in the movie “Stronger” based on his life before and after the Boston Marathon bombing.

Jeff has been wearing TaiLor Made prosthetic feet for over 3 years, and swears by them. “When I put on these feet I felt like I had the balance to walk without falling for the first time since losing my legs,” he explained. “With other feet I couldn’t do that. I don’t worry…I’m very comfortable and steady”

Chad (AK)

Chad who has a short, above knee amputation, was amazed by the energy of the TaiLor Made foot going up a ramp, and the stability it gave him while descending. “I wasn’t able to do this at all,” Chad remarked. “At one point I thought the knee was stuck because I wasn’t been thrown forward, but it actually was performing like a real foot.”

Kim (AK)

“I’ve been an amputee almost all my life, and I’ve tried many feet, but the TaiLor Made is truly the best I’ve ever walked on. Although I have been doing more and more in the past year, doing a lot of walking and being on my feet was not ever in the mix! Well two days ago I walked around Niagara Falls for hours, up and down hills, and didn’t need my husband’s arm for balance at all! Then today the kids wanted to go to four stores then to a park, then for a walk, then I helped make dinner, after dinner we played a family game of basketball and then a soccer game! This is all just unbelievable to me and I love every minute!”

Dana (Hip Disarticulate)

Dana was unable to walk without crutches or for long periods of time in her previous socket/foot system. She can now walk with comfort and stability since she was fit with a better-fitting prosthesis and the TaiLor Made prosthetic foot. “I can feel the foot flex and then plant itself on the ground,” explains Dana. “I know where it is and what it is doing, and don’t have that feeling of being pushed forward. It works like a real foot!”

Louise (AK)

Louise was so happy with the stability and natural movement of her TaiLor Made foot that she gave us a “video review” so she could share her enthusiasm with others. 🙂 After 7 years on crutches, this former teacher has now transitioned to one crutch, and is confident she will be able to walk without any aids in the near future! Louise gets our *Most Enthusiastic Reviewer* award! #TeamLouise