Merry (AK)

“With this foot and its technology, the ease of walking and having a natural gait are immediately apparent,” says Merry. “The foot extends and flexes to make my walk feel like a natural foot. Another positive and equally important benefit is that this foot enables me to stand in a more natural position putting less stress on my sound knee and hip. I truly love the TaiLor Made Foot!”

Ursula (BK)

I put the new #TailorMadeFoot to the test today. Walked almost 4 miles; both asphalt and natural path. I’m feeling it now but I swear if I hadn’t been so happy I would’ve cried about the success. Thanks more than I can express.

Susan (Quad amputee, bilateral BK)

????So thankful it was a gorgeous day today! So I got out of the house to cause a little Mischief At the playground with my favorite people! ???? #QuadLife #TaiLorMadeProsthetics #HappyFeet #HangerWoburn #ThankYouPOA #OttobockNorthAmerica

Posted by Susan Lane on Sunday, April 9, 2017

After 2 1/2 years of having stationary ankles, as a quad Amputee, this was quite the transition… The first few weeks I felt like I pulled every muscle in my body from my neck down….. and was exhausted every night. I’m also going up and down stairs and able to balance without the handrails! Now I should be cleared to wear my upper extremity prosthesis after I prove to my CPO I’ve got my balance in order.