Karen (AK)

The first time I tried the TaiLor Made I felt like I was in control of my foot for the first time since my amputation, 40+ years ago! It feels stable on ramps and uneven terrain. The unique movement of the foot allows me to walk naturally with confidence and ease!

Joseph (BK)

“Thank you for helping me stand up and go for it again. I guess all I needed was a TaiLor Made Foot and a Pair of P.F. Flyers Hi-Tops. Now I can Run faster and jump Higher! This picture was Taken 3.20.15 at the Blue Angels Flight Demonstration at the Melbourne Air & Space Show after a ½ mile walk to the Parking Lot. It was hot out there today I would say NO SWEAT! Thank you once again! P.S.: NEXT, Mambo Lessons!”

Creighton Wong (Congenital AK)

“This weekend, I received a cutting-edge foot… it is the first prosthetic foot I’ve ever worn to (1) contour to the terrain for increased stability; and (2) provide “return energy” to increase stride length (i.e., easier movement). It shows more stability and energy than a real foot at times! Another game changer!
When I was born all I wanted to do was move. Move in a way that was free and in a way that expresses all the wonderful things this body is capable of.  Last Saturday, I took a big step closer to that dream.”